Bleach Whole Story In 500 Words

Bleach Whole Story In 500 Words 1

Bleach Whole Story In 500 Words

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Review About Bleach

Today I am going to share my experience with Bleach. So I am going to Review About Bleach. In Bleach the main character is Ichigo Kurosaki. He is gifted to see the ghost. The Bleach series ran For a total of 366 episodes. It’s produced by Studio Pierrot. Bleach was the adventure of Ichigo after receiving the Soul Reaper. Ichigo receive his soul Reaper power by Rukia Kuchiki

Kuchiki Rukia


After Ichigo became Soul Reaper

he decided to fight hollow with the help of Rukia. After given her power to Ichigo she lost her power and the given our power to other is a crime in Soul Society. So the Soul Society force Rukia to come back to Soul Society. Then Ichigo and his friends go to Soul Society for saving her. After saving Rukia Ichigo find out that the main villain Aizen. Aizen is the over power full then anyone else in Soul Society. In Soul Society Ichigo find his new power hollow mask it’s called Hollowification . And then Soul Society member decided to make him a Substitute Soul Reaper and Rukia decide to stay in Soul Society.

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Aizen plan to kidnapped Orihime. Because she has the ability to heal any bon and reject any thing. So Aizen kidnap her for his plan to open wekamondo . So Ichigo decide to rescue Orihime. So Ichigo and his friends going to wekamondo . In wekamondo Ichigo and his friends fight with Espada army. But Aizen is going to Ichigo town(karakura town) to open oken key but there are Soul Society member for the fight with him . Aizen is complete his plan and every soul society member is lose in the fight . then Ichigo finds his complete new power Final Getsuga Tenshō .and Ichigo lost him all Soul Reaper power in the fight with Aizen and Aizen is also lost the fight and this is the last episode of Arrancar season.

In the new season the Ichigo live his life normally but after a fight with hollw he decided to regain his Soul Reaper power.

In the regaining his power, the first Substitute Soul Reaper help Ichigo to complete Fullbring power . then the first Substitute Soul Reaper attack Ichigo and steal Ichigo Fullbring power. Then the Soul Society member shown and give Ichigo his power back . and Ichigo complete his bankai form. And win the his last fight. This is my review about bleach.

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Bleach Whole Story In 500 Words

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