One Punch Man || Anime Review.

Welcome back Otaku Here we are going to review about over power full Anime character Saitama, One Punch Man || Anime Review. One punch man, ( Wanpanman) may be a Japanese webcomic and manga series created by ONE. The webcomic started in Gregorian calendar month 2009, with over one hundred million total views and twenty,000 […]

The Most Well Liked Anime

The Most Well Liked Anime Hello my otaku Friends, in this post we will be discussing the most well liked anime and the best anime series of all time, who liked and praised by everyone. So without any further delay let’s start the topic. The anime is mainstream not exclusively in eastern countries but rather […]

Bleach Anime Show || Bleach Anime…

Bleach Anime Show Bleach Anime Review Hollows, and a heap of other vindictive creatures, regularly assault Karakura City. With a swing of his Zanpakuto, Zangetsu, Ichigo Kurosaki destroys the rushes of frequenting devils that always assault him. Amid these happenings, the estatically oblivious human individuals are totally unconscious of the underground fight that goes ahead […]

Why Spirited away is an anime masterpiece

Why Spirited away is an anime masterpiece Spirited  Away is an anime masterpiece: Spirited  Away is an anime perfect work of art, and it’ll unquestionably keep on being an anime great later on. The liveliness inside the film has a reasonable look that is much similar to Akira. Be that as it may, there are […]

A Silent Voice Movie Review

A Silent Voice Movie Review Hey, guys welcome back to Otaku-Matrix. The storyline of A Silent Voice Movie Review Last night I was watching A Silent Voice Movie. So I am going to review the Movie this movie is one of the best movies I have ever seen and this movie is made me cry. […]

DEATH NOTE Review || Why You Should Watch

DEATH NOTE Review….!! Demise Note is clearly among the best anime arrangement in late history, for this shows a genuinely interesting and connecting with story matched by few. I can truly say it is truly outstanding, generally the best anime I have ever viewed. Story The story is special. A note pad called Death Note […]

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